Next level living at Station House

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Inspired to drive the vibe of your fast-paced lifestyle, Station House is a 12-storey building with everything you need to live life, work and play. A convenient, flexible, and fabulous lifestyle awaits, all in one building, at Station House.

Flexible living spaces
At Station House, your stylish apartment has everything you need to settle in. Functional interiors, matched with sleek simplicity and excellent security, making it super easy to call Station House your home. The development is entirely access controlled and employs state-of-the-art, smart security technologies.

The top platform
There’ is no need to leave home to enjoy and create memorable moments that will give you stories for years to come. Stretching out across the entire rooftop, the Station House sky bar, restaurant and pool boasts beautiful views and exclusive dining spaces that are perfect for sundowners. Whether you want to experience this space after a long day of work or want to book it out for a private event, as a resident you have the option of both. Book your birthday or celebrate your success on top of the world.

Get your move on
Keeping your blood pumping, and your mind at its centre, Station House boasts an outdoor and indoor fitness facilities. The outdoor kinetic gym provides a no-noise movement solution, with pure body mass machines for your workout. When you are done working out, move over to the inhouse Yoga Studio to settle your mind.

Prioritise your life
You do not have time for laundry, dishes, and chores. Your fast-paced life means you need everything taken care of, at home. An inhouse concierge can make that booking for a great night out, and your apartment can be fully serviced, while you are at work. Snuggle up for a good night’s sleep, and never worry about making your bed.

There is more to do
Take the night off and grab dinner from the deli. Head out with your dog to the pet park for a little walk. Settle in for a movie night with mates in the resident’s exclusive lounge. Do whatever you want to because Station House has it all.

You will love the vibe and live large at Station House. Get ready to run away with life.